As redeemed children of God, our minds and hearts are transformed into the image of Christ. The daily walk, the constant prayer and the faithful fellowship with the Lord make it possible for us to envisage a new perspective in life.

Through God`s word our thought, attitude and confession enable us to achieve emotional stability, peace of mind and godly character. Our lives then become filled with joy, victory and enduring faith that can face every challenge, problem or circumstance. We learn to confess, think and reason positively to the glory of God. Our character and outlook to life is simply the expression of what we think and believe. What we think and say are inseparable correlation of what vocally comes out. Surely “for out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh” Matt. 12,34.

May we think, act, speak, behave and serve like Christ Jesus the Lord would. Our attitude will determine our altitude. Yes, heart attitudes are more important than circumstances we face. May we walk in that victory!

Rev. Dr. Kingsley Arthur