Evil communications corrupts good manner. 1Cor.15:33

Professional human medical workers report that preventive care and regular bodily exercise reduce risk of disease. Sometimes this determined and disciplined practices may even unfold certain hidden symptoms of illnesses. When we neglect these wise but simple practices, we may gamble albeit dangerously with our health.

The Apostle Paul cautioning the followers of the Lord Jesus Christ , lovely warned against neglecting proper Christian practices . Such negligence and laxity will shipwreck and annihilate our sweet fellowship with God in a precarious manner. A few of those dangerous areas are.

a. When people fellowship with the world. ( James4:4 ): The Apostle James cautions about totally becoming worldly and neglecting the essentials of life. When we completely neglect the and reject the inviting calls of the Lord, we gamble dangerously with our soul and we shipwreck our spirituality. “Friendship with the World is enmity to God” is the heart cry of the Apostle James, the Lord`s brother. The undercurrent of pleasure, excessive entertainment, self-righteous and carelessness may slowly drift our sweet fellowship with the Lord. .

b. When people live Ego-centered lifestyle Romans 2:8
Many people think of a life wuith no consideration of others . They always seek opportunistic situations where they gain and others lose. Their lifestyle becomes uninteresting, boring and lacks meaning. Sooner or later they realize that possessions, wealth, fame and celebrity did not bring the satisfaction they pursued. Also Christians have compromised with unfruitful unfruitful works of darkness Eph 5. 11-12. The joy for Christian fellowship, extending hands of fellowship and hospitality dwindles and they become victims of “ wind chasers”. Jesus offers Life in its abundance. Giving your life to Christ is the first step to inviting the Holy spirit to direct you and made a way out of selfish living. He guards us to differentiate between our needs ( Which God promises to meet) from our wants ( which man`s weakness makes man to think its materialism makes happy.

c. When we life a life of unforgiveness and Ingratitude consumes us. ( Eph 4:31)
As we interact with people – families, friends, colleagues, commuters church brethren – we sometimes offend others. The test of our faith, love for God, and quest to be light of the world and salt of the earth, is embedded in the truth of how much we are willing to forgive, and in many cases avoid revenge, slander, and hurting behaviours which in the other hand grieves the Holy Spirit in us.
The Way Out :
The Lord Jesus Christ says “ I am the Way, the Truth and The Light, No one come to the Father, but by Me. ( John 14:6 )
2. a. Surrender to God and admit that without Him you are lost, wretched and miseable. He knows the way, He is the Door and he is Saviour. He loves you just as you are.
4. b. Seek diligently to know HIM, through regular reading of the Holy Bible and learning to pray. Just start anytime anywhere and just the manner you are comfortable to speak.
Learn to resist temptations to do evil and repel any suggestions to go back to the old life of hatred, unforgiveness and sin.

d. WFind a Christian church to attend where you grow in the things of God. A church which emphasizes on enhancing relationship with the Lord , and building a good relationship WIUTH OTHERS AND WALKING in truth and in spirit. . Always remembering that God I sthe rewarder of all who diligently seek HIM. Hebrews 11:6

The Power of Prayer

“ Therefore I say unto you, all things whatsoever ye pray and ask for, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them“ Mark 11:24

Prayer is not that meaningless mumble of words which is perfunctionally uttered in a baseless, faithless and hopeless manner. Prayer is simply faith, claiming its natural and spiritual prerogatives by divine Grace and humble hearts, through communication with our heavenly Father who created Heaven and Earth. Prayer projects faith on God, and God on His Word.
Prayer focuses on the immoral God to undertake the impossible issues of life on our behalf. However Prayer must be uttered by faith in God. Every doubt must banish from our hearts; every unbelief must disappear from our hearts ; every skeptical reasoning must have no large ground in the nucleus of our hearts. Only the resolved vouchsafe of faith alone will see every mountain brought low, valleys filled, and crooked paths straightered in the Name of Jesus Christ.
Faith prayers bring great ease of mind and perfect peace of heart that the Lord Jesus Christ, who is our High Priest after the order of Melchisedek ( Hebr. 4:14-15) is at work in our lives to bring to pass the intense spiritual desires of the heart and answer our prayers according to God`s will. Faith which is authentic, genuine and unwavering will seeGod granting our requests both qulitative and quatitative. Wether the prayer is uttered boisterously, vehemently, silently or tenaciously, our prayer inner closets should never lack the freshness of an importunate prayer. Daniel shut up lions mouth with prayer; Paul saw nations saved through prayer; Elijah`s prayer locked and unlocked heaven`s floodgate: Jesus was transfigured through prayer. Prayerful Christians are powerful Christians. If we allow .laxity, faintheartedness and weakness in our prayer life, then our christian growth will be lethal but with a combination of faith and trust we shall know, that prayer is the key.Prayer therefore increases the ability and efficiency of faith.

Rev. Dr. Kingsley Arthur